Active lava lake at summit of Kilauea volcano, Credit USGS

A collapsed section of the Cypress Viaduct -  a result of the M 6.9, 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake. Oakland California, USA. Source:USGS.

 The NCGT Newsletter, the predecessor of the NCGT Journal, was initiated on the basis of discussion at the symposium “Alternative Theories to Plate Tectonics” held at the 30th International Geological Congress in Beijing in August 1996. The name is taken from an earlier symposium held in association with 28th International Geological Congress in Washington, D. C. in 1989. The NCGT Newsletter changed its name in 2013 to the NCGT Journal. Now in March of 2017 the NCGT Journal initiates its commercialized phase.

 Aims include:

1. Providing an international forum for the open exchange of new ideas and approaches in the fields of geology, geophysics, solar and planetary physics, cosmology, climatology, oceanography and other fields that affect or are closely related to physcial processes occuring on the Earth from its core to the top of its atmosphere.

2. Forming an organizational focus for creative ideas not fitting readily within the scope of dominant tectonic models.

3. Forming the basis for the reproduction and publication of such work, especially where there has been censorship or discrimination.

4. Create a publication that can serve as an exchange of methods and concepts devoted to the prediction, well in advance, of catastrophic earthquakes. Forum for discussion of such ideas and work which has been inhibited in existing channels.  

                                         EDITORIAL BOARD 

Dong R. Choi, Australia (Editor-in-Chief) ( research@ncgtjournal.com)
Ismail Bhat, India (bhatmi@hotmail.com)
John L. Casey, USA (admin@ncgtjournal.com)
Louis Hissink, Australia (louis.hissink@bigpond.com)
Giovanni Gregori, Italy (giovanni.gregori@idasc.cnr.it)
Leo Maslov, USA (lev.maslov@cccs.edu)
Per Michaelsen, Vietnam (per.michaelsen@tdt.edu.vn)
Nina Pavlenkova, Russia (ninapav@ifz.ru)
David Pratt, Netherlands (dp@pratt.info) 
Karsten Storetvedt, Norway (Karsten@gfi.uib.no)
Takao Yano, Japan (yano.azumino@gmail.com)