Back Issues of the NCGT Journal

Welcome to the page for ordering previous issues of the NCGT Journal. These back issues are in three categories: (1) Journal issues for the past 12 months , (2) the remainder of the back issues of the Journal to the first "Journal" issue in March 2013, and (3) on added pages of this site one can order all 64 of the previous "NCGT Newsletters" going back to December 1996 . The price for each category of Journal and Newsletters, respectively, are : $4.45,  $3.50,  $2.50. plus applicable local tax (USA only). These remarkably low introductory order prices are good only for 2017.

This compares with other professional science journals that have individual paper purchase prices often times at $30 to $40 each! With the NCGT Journal , one can get a full Journal with some of the best new ideas in geophyscics, tectonics, climatology, solar-terrestrial physics, and seismology in multiple research papers for a fraction of what others charge for just one reseach paper ! 

As a special offer as of April 18, 2017 we want everyone to download a free copy of the twentieth anniversary issue of the NCGT Journal. Just click on the item below and enjoy some great science.


Remaining Journal Issues for the Past Twelve Months: Only $4.45 Each

NCGT Journal v4,n4
14,540 KB, December 2016

NCGT Journal, v4,n3
11,135 KB, September 2016

NCGT Journal,v4,n2
15,165 KB, June 2016

NCGT Journal v4,n1
6,665 KB, March 2016

NCGT Journal v.3,n.4
14,723 KB, December 2015

NCGT Journal v3, n3
15,779 KB, September 2015

Journal Issues to March 2013, : Just $ 3.50 each.

NCGT Journal,v3,n2
21,267 KB, June 2015

NCGT Journal,v3,n1
9,102 KB, March 2015

NCGT Journal,v2,n4
10,589 KB, December 2014

9,013 KB, September 2014

12,541 KB, June 2014

5,858 KB, March 2014

6,391 KB, December 2013

10,564 KB, September 2013

7,807 KB, June 2013

17,137 KB, March 2013