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For almost two decades, under the leadership of the NCGT Journal Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Dr. Dong Choi, the NCGT Journal has been a beacon of light for researchers needing a voice and platform to publish their research and new concepts. The "new" NCGT Journal is committed to that same general purpose. It is our fondest hope that those who want a source for innovation in global tectonics research and other fields of geophysical study, will continue to support the NCGT Journal as it creates the commercial base to become a lasting pillar of knowledge for tomorrow's "evidence-based" science.

Background Image from Vasiliev, Yano and Choi 2012 paper (NCGT Newsletter No 63) proposing that the traditional plate tectonics theory  should be re-examined.

Born in 1945 in Tokyo. Dr. of Sci. in 1972 from Hokkaido Univ. Work history: Chief Eng. Kokusai Kogyo Co. Tokyo – marine geophysical survey/geological mapping; Post-Doctoral Fellow/Assis. Prof. Univ. of Miami – carbonate sedimentology; Australian Bureau of Mineral Resources, Canberra – marine heat flow/continental margin geology; Independent Consulting Geologist; From 1991 to present, Managing Director, Raax Australia Pty Ltd. – borehole imaging and geological analysis; Editor-in-Chief, New Concepts in Global Tectonics Journal (www.ncgtjournal.com); Director of Research, International Earthquake and Volcano Prediction Center (www.ievpc.org), Operations Center, Canberra, Australia. Fields of interest: Earthquake prediction, sunken continents, global tectonics.

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